Bendigo Hotel | 2023-03

125-127 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

A razor tight showcase of some of Melbourne’s finest melodic metal bands.

GHOST ENGINE – Tight and intensely delivered tech, groove and death-infused melodic metal. With the subtlety of a V12, Ghost Engine come and go with ferocious intensity!

VERONA LIGHTS – Atmospheric and intelligently composed alt metal without pretention! Some of Australia’s finest doing what they do best – witness it!

RISE FROM ASHES – Metalcore with the attack and riffs you wish you wrote! These warriors have left an impression on every audience they’ve torn a path across!

RARE OLIVES – As heavy as it is unique, this outfit kicks off proceedings with a signature sadistic blend of rhythmic eclecticism, brutal energy and a chaotic fusion of sharp presentation. This band will leave you as afraid as you are captivated!